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"Heardle" is a word game that combines elements of music and word guessing. It is similar to the classic game "Hangman" but with a musical twist. The game was created by Nate Gagnon and gained popularity on social media platforms.

In Heardle, players listen to a short clip of a song, and they must guess the song title by filling in blanks for each letter of the word. The number of blanks represents the number of letters in the song title. Players can guess letters, and if a guessed letter is correct, it is revealed in the blanks. If a guessed letter is incorrect, players lose one of their six attempts.

1. Access the Game: You can play Heardle online through various platforms and websites by Wordle.cool

2. Start a New Game: Once you're on the Heardle platform, look for an option to start a new game. This might be presented as a "New Game" button or something similar.

3. Listen to the Audio Clip: The game will play a short audio clip of a song. Listen carefully to the melody, rhythm, and lyrics if any are present.

4. Guess the Song: Below the audio player, you will typically see a row of blank spaces, each representing a letter in the song title. Your task is to guess the song by filling in these blanks with the correct letters.

5. Enter Letters: Type in letters one at a time and submit your guesses. If the letter is in the song title, it will appear in the corresponding blank spaces. If the letter is not in the title, you may lose one of your attempts.

6. Limited Attempts: Usually, players have a limited number of attempts to guess the correct song title. This adds an element of challenge to the game. Commonly, you might have around six attempts.

7. Continue Guessing: Keep guessing letters until you either correctly identify the song or run out of attempts. If you guess the song correctly, you win the round.

8. Start a New Round: After completing a round, you can typically choose to start a new game and play again.

Remember, the enjoyment of Heardle comes from testing your knowledge of music and discovering new songs. It's a great way to challenge yourself and have fun with friends who share similar musical interests. Keep in mind that the specific interface and features may vary depending on where you play Heardle, so it's always a good idea to follow the on-screen instructions.






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