Heardle 2000s

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Heardle 2000s is more than just a game; it's a musical time machine that transports you back to the vibrant and transformative decade of the 2000s. Whether you were belting out pop anthems with your friends or rocking out to alternative hits, Heardle 2000s will rekindle those memories through the power of music.

Step 1: Listen to the intro:
- The game starts with a short snippet of the intro of a popular 2000s song.

Step 2: Guess the song and artist:
- Based on the intro, type the name of the song and artist in the search bar. Select the correct option from the suggestions provided.

Step 3: Get feedback:
- Correct guess: Congratulations! You move on to the next day's challenge.
- Incorrect guess: More of the intro gets unlocked, giving you a longer clip to listen to. You have a total of six attempts.
- Skipped attempt: Similar to an incorrect guess, more of the intro is revealed.
Step 4: Share your score (optional):
- Once you guess the song, you can share your score with friends and family to see who has the best musical memory.

- Focus on the melody and any distinct sounds or instruments in the intro.
- If you're stuck, try typing in just the song title or artist name and see if any relevant options appear.
- Remember, you have six attempts, so don't be afraid to use them all!

Have fun reliving the musical memories of the 2000s with Heardle 2000s!






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