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Heardle 90s isn't just a game; it's a sonic portal transporting you straight to the decade that defined alternative music, boy band hysteria, and the rise of hip-hop. Buckle up, music lovers, because Heardle 90s is ready to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

What makes Heardle 90s special?

  • Rewind the Clock: Immerse yourself in the iconic sounds of the 90s, from the angst-ridden grunge anthems to the catchy pop hooks that dominated the charts. Each listen is a chance to relive the cultural shifts and musical innovation that shaped the decade.

  • Simple Yet Challenging: Like the original Heardle, you get six chances to guess the song based on increasingly longer snippets of the intro. This makes it accessible for everyone, while still offering a satisfying challenge for music aficionados.

  • Genre Galore: Heardle 90s embraces the musical diversity of the decade. Expect a mix of everything, from the soulful R&B grooves to the head-banging rock riffs, ensuring there's something for every 90s music enthusiast.

  • Share Your Glory (or Shame): Did you nail the song in one try, proving your 90s music prowess? Or did it take all six attempts, prompting playful jabs from your friends? Share your results and spark friendly competition, adding another layer of fun to the experience.


So, dust off your flannel shirt, crank up the volume, and get ready to be transported back to a time of Tamagotchis, dial-up internet, and music that defined a generation. Heardle 90s awaits!

Step 1: Listen to the intro

  • Each day, Heardle 90s presents you with a short snippet of a popular 90s song intro.

Step 2: Make your guess

  • Based on the intro, type the name of the song and artist in the search bar. Select the correct option from the suggestions provided.

Step 3: See the results

  • Correct guess: Congratulations! You conquer the day's challenge and move on to the next.

  • Incorrect guess: More of the intro gets unlocked, giving you a longer clip to listen to. You have a total of six attempts.

  • Skipped attempt: Similar to an incorrect guess, more of the intro is revealed.

Step 4: Share (optional)

  • Show off your 90s music expertise by sharing your score with friends and family!

Tips for success:

  • Focus on the melody, unique instruments, or distinct sounds in the intro.

  • If stuck, try typing just the song title or artist name and see if relevant options appear.

  • Use all six attempts if needed!

Remember: Have fun reminiscing about the iconic music of the 90s and challenge yourself with Heardle 90s!






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