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Nerdle is a daily number puzzle game inspired by the popular word game Wordle. Created by Richard Mann and his children, along with software developer Marcus Tettmar, the game was launched in February 2022 and has since gained a loyal following among math enthusiasts and puzzle lovers.

What Makes Nerdle Unique:

- Numbers instead of words: Nerdle offers a different kind of mental challenge than Wordle, requiring players to think mathematically and apply logic to solve the equation.
- Daily puzzle: With a new equation released every day, Nerdle provides a fresh challenge for players to tackle.
- No prior math knowledge needed: While an understanding of basic math operations is helpful, Nerdle is accessible to players of all skill levels.
- Multiple difficulty levels: Players can choose between the standard Nerdle and the Mini Nerdle, which features a six-digit equation with a limited set of operators.
Benefits of Playing Nerdle:

- Improves mental agility and problem-solving skills.
- Provides a fun and engaging way to practice math skills.
- Encourages logical thinking and deduction.
- Offers a daily opportunity to challenge yourself and learn something new.

Nerdle has quickly become a popular game for people of all ages who enjoy math puzzles and challenging their minds. Whether you're a seasoned mathematician or just starting to explore the world of numbers, Nerdle is a fun and rewarding game that can help you sharpen your skills and learn something new.

The goal of Nerdle is to guess a secret equation in six or fewer attempts.
Players have six rows to enter a five-digit equation using the digits 0-9 and the mathematical operators +, -, *, and /.
After each guess, the tiles change color to provide feedback:
-Green: The digit is correct and in the correct position.
-Purple: The digit is correct but in the wrong position.
-Gray: The digit is not present in the equation.
Using the color feedback, players refine their guesses and eliminate possibilities until they crack the code.






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